About Us

Redwood cards was started three years ago and was born out of a desire to create interesting and creative cards in order to break up the monotony of shop bought cards which we feel have sadly become less inspired in the face of e-card popularity.

Redwood cards consists of a group of six very hard working designers who love to conceive of and create cards that are funny, intelligent and beautiful. Creating cards is a great creative outlet, which actually involves a lot of research to try to come up with new ideas and inspirations for jokes and different imagery. The cards take a varying amount of time to produce depending on their size, how intricate they are and what materials are required. Therefore cards can take anywhere between an hour and a day to produce.

We put a lot of emphasis on hand-drawn cards and in respecting other cultures in our designs. For example we try to create different types of wedding cards so that there are ones suitable for western weddings and customs and so that there are also cards which are suitable for Asian weddings. To do this properly we have a very diverse team working at the company that spans 4 continents: Europe, Asia, America and Australasia.

We are an environmentally conscious company that uses energy saving measures in our office and we also try to make our cards in the more efficient and sustainable manner possible by using natural recourses, organic materials and we also use recyclable materials as the cards basis in order to reduce the amount of paper we use.


Address: 319 US-130, East Windsor, NJ 08520, United States

Email: sayit@redwoodcards.com

Telephone: +1 800-432-1000