Our Cards


Below you will find a variety of birthday cards for men and women. Some cards are age specific, or taste specific while others just have unique designs and drawings. Some cards are blank while some have handwritten messages in them – each card comes in either variety so you can request at the time of ordering.


Below you will find a series of anniversary cards suitable for men and women. We aim to help aid you in carrying out a romantic gesture and making your loved ones day with a thoughtful card and nice message. All our cards are either available with handwritten messages in or as blank canvases for you to fill. Please state your preference at the time of ordering.


Below is a selection of graduation cards to help you congratulate a special person in your life and make them feel special in light of their momentous achievement. From smart quips to heartfelt messages to funny messages, we hope these meet your needs. Please note that each of our cards is available with or without handwritten messages inside. Please let us know which you prefer at the time of ordering.

Get Well

Do you know someone who is ill or recovering from an operation or broken bone? Being ill can be quite lonely, especially with a long recovery process. We have created these cards with that in mind and have made them funny, heart-warming and colourful in order to bring a small to the receivers face and brighten up their day.

Thank You

Has someone done something for you, either big or small that you want to thank them for? You can make your thank you even more significant and heart-felt by saying it with one of our unique cards. Messages on the inside of the card can be included or excluded upon request.


Do you know someone who is getting married and recently announced their engagement? Let them know how happy you are for them by sending them a personal card. This will help them both feel even more excited about their wedding if they think that the most important people in their lives - their friends and family - just can’t wait.

Wedding card

In addition to giving the bride and groom a gift, why not give them a sweet card that you can right a nice heart-felt message in. This will be something they can treasure and look back on for years to come. Normally customers tell us that they take the card to accompany a present but you can also accompany it with money or nothing it depends since some of our cards are so beautiful.


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